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South Park S12E08 DSR XviD-0TV [eztv]
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2008-10-09 04:51:21 GMT
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"the only show anyone should give a shit about tonight" - 0TV

funny shit....glad i dosed acid earlier .... funny funny stuff
yeah !!!!!!
Funny episode! the dude who is talking about acid! get a life and stop thinking your cool like you need acid to think this is funny!
yeah im a real badass lemme tell ya.. i was just saying i had no idea new south park tonight and i happen to randomly eat 3 hits and that makes me very happy so fuck you
Right On Lizardking420!!! thanks 4 the up eztv
Lizard you pwn!
And you eztv
Its hightime i got high n watched sum fukin southpark i feel damn deprived... lol

lizardking watched this trippin hahahah awsome stuff man if only i could still do tht without becoming part ov the story n freakin out hahahah

eztv... as alwayz... u fukin rule! A/V 10/10

Finally!!! Thanks so much!
YEAH! Thats what Im talking about!
lizardking420 u must be eating some very shitty acid if u still can type after 3 hits... LMAO
stucked at 96% /:
Its a new ep!111 woot tyy
Noisebox needs some acid... maybe then he would be cool like lizardking...

Awesome Up!
lol yeah this is by far the weakest ive ever gotten..... :(
Great! Thx
OMFG there isn't any real ACID anymore, its just lousy synthetic cut garbage, ughh.
Your already doing one thing illegal do you really want to get on here and show your ass, raped any one lately...did you rape any one while watching the show? THAT WOULD OF BEEN BALLING, did you give a abortion while this episode was playing, RAD DUDE!
"there isnt any real acid anymore? shut the fuck up if you dont know what youre talking about, Stupid asshole!!! "vegasjunkie88" lol:)
this episode is fucking sick, LAME
I just hit 100 upload ratio on this \o/ enjoy
Finalllllly!!!!!! beeen waiting so long for this Episode!
this is one of my all time favourites. they're raping him! LOL!
Shit sound quality. lots of distortion
Bout damn Time!! I had no idea this episode was out yet, but damn! I'm so glad. This just mad my evening. Good quality as well.
This episode is so fucking funny and people who don't realice that are poisoned with moral, Come on and squeal like a pig Wheeee, Wheeeeeee :P
Southpark for Capital of the USA