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South Park S12E12 DSR XviD-0TV [eztv]
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2008-11-06 04:47:18 GMT
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ty :)
Tnx very much. I have been called out three times by my ISP (Charter) for pirating - a TV show called The Wire and for UFC 90. Now I am scared but not scared enuff to stop :) I use PeerGuardian for everything now.

NOTE: I tell you they are cracking down harder than ever. Protect yerself with "anon." IP and peerguardian and whatever else.
hilarious episode.
thanks for the upload
Sweet! Now I have some breakfast entertainment :)
Makes you wonder doesn't
För alla er som undrar så driver dom med serien Svindlarna, som går på svt 2... Bra serie...
14000 seeders! Wow
13786 seeders thats crazy as hell
Svindlarna? en engelsk serie? verkar mer vara Ocean Eleven och Twelve dom driver med.
Så snabbt dom fick in Obamas tacktal,, ord för ord,, Dom måste ha haft minst två versioner redo utifrån vem som skulle vinna valet.
They always do final cut a few hours before airtime
can't download from you, it says: invalid url. and other tracker is offline. help me!
o i laughing my head of with the obama parody
Any English/Finnish subtitles?
@ tapazia
althought ISP can warn, they can pretty much do nothing about it, there was something about it on tv a while ago
the movie makers, Warner, Disney etc can tell the ISP that u have downloaded pirated stuff, ISP do not want to get rid of a customer, plus what do they care anyway, its not like its harming the ISP
certain isp's will cut service for this. thankfully the one i am with doesn't so i can maintain my 300 gb usage each month with no fear

They didn't make two shows, Obama was sure to win =)
Obama är svart. Det är så roligt
I only have there a way 2 fix that??
Southpark for the New ROME