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Heroes S04E08 HDTV XviD-2HD [eztv]
Video > TV shows
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2009-11-03 03:31:30 GMT
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Episode: Heroes S04E08 HDTV XviD-2HD

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Hurry up on the superior 720p upload!!! (Who watches low def by choice these days anyway? :P)
thanks eztv your a fucking legend as always.and xspazx be grateful for what u get u cunt.bigtunan what the fuck is your major mallfunction numb nuts "WATCH THIS MOVIE HERE".its a fucking t.v show fucking muppet.i'd rather watch your mama's ass u prick.
thx for the torrent but seeeeeeeed please ppl im gettin only 100k
ah sry i just got more than 700 :)
Thanks for the upload,...
Thank you :-)
Thank you!
For some reason i always have to add trackers to eztv's torrents because his tracker seems to be dead. Is there an solution or explanation for this? Thanks in advance.
where do u get additional trackers from?
i always have the same problem
Can i somehow "burn" in the sub in the video?
extremezone, have the same problem, tried to add more trackers but dont know where to copy.. (know where to add in Utorrent). Pleeeaaase help me with more info.
I use BitLord 1.1 to download torrents, but lately i've been having some trouble downloading some of the torrents.

"Windows XP ICF Status: Firewall port can't be opened."

Thats the message I get and I was kinda hoping that maybe some of you knew what to do?
Normally I would just look for another torrent, and i did, but none of em will start downloading :S
@amo300 I added trackers from random torrents.
@extremezone Thanks, i'll be checking into that.
@'Anyone' If eztv's trackers doesn't work why can't they be replaced or fixed? (Just asking, not whining)
Double/Final post: I changed from Bitlord to uTorrent and now when i download eztv torrents i don't have to add trackers no more. So i guess there were something about eztv's tracker(s) and Bitlord not want to work togheter. Anyways, uTorrent seems to work alot better and faster so i'll be using it as my standard Download client from this day forward.
Quick question: Adding trackers to every single torrent you download seems a bit harsh, is there no other way to make the trackers permanent so that it will automatically use the trackers instead of adding them every time you download a new torrent?